What is The BNLA?

The British Ninja League Association, BNLA, is a national organisation that facilitates competition, training, support, and social opportunities for all those involved in Ninja Obstacle training.

The organisation is run by like-minded Ninja athletes and professionals, who aim to promote the sport, and encourage inclusion.

Mission Statement

The BNLA is an organisation dedicated to provide access to both competitive and non-competitive events and support to all those that have an interest and engage in Ninja obstacle activity. Inclusion and support are the fundamental basis of the organisation and we believe that all those who are interested in Ninja obstacle activity should get the opportunity to both compete and develop no matter their level or ability.

The BNLA is centred around a community based network of Ninja obstacle training athletes and gyms on a national level. All members of the association will have the opportunity to grow and flourish in a sport that they love without pressure on a level playing field that encourages physical, technical and mental ability whilst at the same time helping to grow in confidence.

The association will also give the opportunity to form teams, compete as an individual and form new networks within the United Kingdom Ninja community. The BNLA will help to promote the sport from professional to grassroots level at the same time helping to support coaches, Ninja training Facilities and individuals through a framework that caters for all. Through the BNLA, Ninja obstacle training practitioners will have a wealth of opportunity to grow and succeed in the sport without needing access to a dedicated Ninja Warrior gym or facility and meet like minded people on a local and national level in a welcoming social environment.

What We Offer
  • Local, regional and national competition opportunities for all members.
  • A national league that encompasses competitions whereby people can compete and get involved at all levels.
  • A unique experience points based league where amateur athletes can still compete and achieve.
  • Team and individual competitions at beginner, intermediate and professional level.
  • Inclusion in the sport at all ability levels, age and gender.
  • Access to technical workshops run by professional Ninja Warrior coaches that are affiliated with the organisation that meet the highest standards.
  • Social gatherings, Ninja Warrior “Jams” and practice sessions run by affiliated facilities on a regular basis.
  • Forums, blogs, vlogs and advice from a network of professional and amateur practitioners making sure all voices are heard.
  • Advice and a support network for affiliated gyms and individual practitioners on obstacle construction.
  • Discounts on local, and national competitions, workshops and jams.
  • Awards for not just competition but achievement, development, promotion, and ambassador roles within the association.
  • Promotion for affiliated facilities and gyms at national level.
  • Opportunity to compete at national and international level.
  • National and regional finals in some of the best facilities in the UK.
  • Discounts for bringing new members to the organisation.
  • Social gatherings within the association.
  • Zero exclusivity policy, meaning competitors and practitioners can still compete in other leagues.
  • The opportunity to climb the ranks in the league without direct competition. Workshops and jams will count towards experience points.
  • Coaching and leadership workshops for those wanting to develop beyond participation themselves and help provide standardisation to existing head coaches.
  • Membership to an association that values and respects all practitioners and competitors no matter what their experience is.