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Performance in the Ninja league will be rewarded, but commitment, improvement and effort will also be rewarded see the list of annual award categories below:

  • National Final
    The league’s top ranked athletes will qualify for the national final which will be a major competition to identify the national champion.
  • National Champion
    The winner of the national final will receive the top prize.
  • Most Improved
    The athlete that has improved the most throughout the season.
  • Best Newcomer
    The best athlete in their first year with the BNLA.
  • Most Commited
    The athlete that has attended the most competitions and events.
  • Ambassador
    The athlete that is believed to have done the most to promote the community and has best displayed the spirit of the Ninja life.
  • Pro Challenge League
    At the end of each competition a pro challenge will be set by the hosting gym, completing this challenge gains the athlete points, the athlete with the most Pro points at the end of the year wins.