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All BNLA gyms will have at least 3 judges on hand for each run. One Judge (Head Judge) will have one reliable timer and focus on the athlete’s full completion of each obstacle. The other two Judges will be responsible for keeping time. Head Judges are allowed to pause the runs for emergencies, course malfunctions, or equipment malfunctions only.

Gyms will have obstacles marked clearly with a marking device to determine the start and finish of each obstacle to ensure competitors full knowledge of the course, and will also provide a walkthrough of each course. Athletes will need to CLEAR the end marker; this decision resides with the Head Judge at each competition.

A head judges purpose is primarily two tasks: one ensuring athletes complete the obstacle in a fair manner. Two, to determine if an athlete "clears" the end marker. A head judge may make a call at any time utilising the "ask it or risk it rule". The "ask it or risk it" rule means the responsibility of asking if something is legal is on the athlete or risk being called for it. Judges also do not have to allow a loophole once it is found. Judges reserve the right to make any call they deem necessary in order to complete the obstacle as it was intended. The final call on all decisions resides with the head judge, they need to be firm, decisive and avoid any ambiguity.