BNLA National Ranking

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Each event hosted by BNLA-certified gyms is eligible to award ranking points to its ninjas. Ninjas gain points for every competition, workshop and jam session they attend throughout the season. For every competition a ninja attends and finishes in the top ten, they will earn significantly more points. The higher you finish the more points you gain

The BNLA continually calculates the combined scores of all our ninjas at all BNLA events giving a National ranking to each Ninja. The national ranking is immediately updated after every event so you can always see where you stand amongst all BNLA ninjas.

At the end of the season the TOP 10 ninjas in the league will qualify to compete in the National Final where they will take on a brutal competition to fight for the chance to be crowned National Champion and win the grand prize!

To date, there have been five (5) events hosted by BNLA-certified gyms.

With national glory up for grabs, our current ranking is as follows:

Martin Bamber (1st)

45.40 points.

Henry Cookey (2nd)

27.62 points.

Dean Cheetham (3rd)

23.44 points.

Bethany Lodge (4th)

19.20 points.

Stuart Kirbywest (5th)

19.20 points.

Joe Lloyd (6th)

18.62 points.

Ali Hay (7th)

11.00 points.

Frank Kilfedder (8th)

9.46 points.

Kurt Gough (9th)

7.40 points.

Luke Allen (10th)

6.96 points.