Frequently Asked Questions

We hate the generic FAQ pages that companies have, with each question carefully thought about by a marketing team.

The BNLA is focussed on you, so our questions are real submissions from our members.

Is The BNLA associated with American leagues? Do winners qualify for US finals?

Currently, no. Our goal is to create links with international leagues as The BNLA grows.

Is there a subscription fee?

Although our directories (ninjas, gyms, and events) are publicly available to browse, if you wish to get involved with event discussion, obtain a personal profile page, or collect points to be in with a chance of competing at the annual national final, then you will require a subscription.

Similarly, if you are a gym owner and would like to have your gym and its events listed on The BNLA, a subscription is required.

Can I use chalk during a competition?

Whilst chalk is prohibited at the national finals, its use during an individual event is at discretion of the event host; it's best to check with the gym prior to the competition day.

What is the maximum amount of people allowed in the league?

The BNLA exists first and foremost as a community for like-minded ninjas. We enforce no limit on how big we will allow our community to grow. The bigger the better.